Call for Papers
Track: computing, communication and quantum technology, and perception
1. Computing
Novel Computing and Application Paradigms
Computational Models
Algorithms and Software
Development and Operating  Environments
Computer Architecture
Memory Technologies
High Performance Computing

Pervasive Computing
Cooperative Computing
Cloud Computing
Edge Computing
Implementations of Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Simulations(Photons, Superconducting Qubits, Trapped Ions, Solid States, Optical Lattices, etc.)
2. Communication and Quantum Technology
Wireless Communication
Optical Communication
Satellite Communications
Communication Network and Information Security
Modern Communication System and Technology
Quantum Photonic Network(Quantum Repeaters, Quantum Memory, Free  Space, etc.)
Quantum Cryptography
Quantum Communication
Quantum Information Theory

3. Perception
Sensor Technology (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Magnetic Force, Photoelectric Sensor, etc.)RFID
Signal and Information Processing
Quantum Measurement
Quantum Detection
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