The 2nd International Conference on 
Computing, Communication, 
Perception and Quantum Technology
(CCPQT 2023)

August 4-7, 2023 / Xiamen
The 2nd International Conference on Computing, Communication, Perception and Quantum Technology (CCPQT) will be held in Xiamen, China, from August 4th to 7th, 2023. CCPQT 2023 focuses on the topics of perception technology, green communication, emerging computing technolo gy, quantum science, etc. CCPQT 2023 is to provide international cooperation and exchange platform for experts, scholars and industry representatives related to the conference to share research results, discuss existing problems and explore cutting-edge technologies. Preparations for the conference are well underway. We cordially invite all experts and scholars to attend and contribute to the conference.
CCPQT'23 at A Glance
Important Dates:
The OPENING Date for Submissions:  
December 10, 2022
The CLOSING Date for Submissions:
May 25, 2023
June 25, 2023
July 15, 2023
August 4-7, 2023
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18673183853 (Dr. Huang) / 15574372063 (Dr. Tang) / 18942533595 (Dr. Pan)
Keynote Speakers:
Prof. George K. Karagiannidis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Title of Speech: To be updated shortly.
Prof. Junjie Wu
National Uinversity of Defense Technology
Title of Speech: To be updated shortly.
Prof. Xinwang Liu
National Uinversity of Defense Technology
Title of Speech: To be updated shortly.
Prof. Juan Fang
Beijing Uinversity of Technology
Title of Speech: To be updated shortly.
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Committee Members:
General Chairs:
Prof. Juan Fang, Beijing University Of Technology, China
Prof. Jerry Chun-Wei, LinWestern Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
Prof. Junjie Wu, National University of Defense Technology, China
Brief Information:
The workshop aims to bring together scientists, researchers, and scholars to discuss and exchange experimental and theoretical results, novel designs, work-in-progress and case studies on theories, design mechanisms and extensions.
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Call for Papers:
Track: computing, communication and quantum technology, and perception
1. Computing
Novel Computing and Application Paradigms
Computational Models
Algorithms and Software
Development and Operating  Environments
Computer Architecture
Memory Technologies
High Performance Computing

Pervasive Computing
Cooperative Computing
Cloud Computing
Edge Computing
Implementations of Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Simulations(Photons, Superconducting Qubits, Trapped Ions, Solid States, Optical Lattices, etc.)
2. Communication and Quantum Technology
Wireless Communication
Optical Communication
Satellite Communications
Communication Network and Information Security
Modern Communication System and Technology
Quantum Photonic Network(Quantum Repeaters, Quantum Memory, Free  Space, etc.)
Quantum Cryptography
Quantum Communication
Quantum Information Theory

3. Perception
Sensor Technology (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Magnetic Force, Photoelectric Sensor, etc.)RFID
Signal and Information Processing
Quantum Measurement
Quantum Detection
Public Information:
All articles submitted to CCPQT and accepted by peer review will be published  in a conference proceeding. Outstanding articles will likely be recommended to SCI journals.